About Us

“Where there’s tea, there is Hope”
(Wing Pinero)

Purpose & Mission

Established in 2019 - Our History
We are a lifestyle brand, with no boundaries whether it be social, age, gender or race. We cater for everyone and at the same time promoting tea as a “way of life” in terms of health and wellbeing.

We have all the aspects of tea making. From procuring of raw materials, quality, packaging and attention to detail of love put into every package we send out to our customers.

Honestea & Co. is a brand by Honesty Trade & Resources. From what started in early 2019 as a side home business that specialises in loose tea leaves imported from China, Japan & other countries, with our dedication and attentiveness, we ensure the premium quality that is being put into our products.

Honestea has manage to procure some of the finest & premium tea leaves to be sold here in Malaysia for a much affordable price and to be shared amongst all tea enthusiasts alike.

Behind Our Brand

Honestea & Co.
Inspired by the word “Honesty” in a business, it is one of the most strong attractions to the brand “HonesTEA”.

The passion and love for tea is a strong one that brought together Honestea. Learning and experimenting with different kinds of tea was a huge factor, and the eagerness to find out more about tea brings this whole formation together.

Our founder has been a tea connoisseur since her young age. For a person who drinks nothing but different types of tea daily (aside from water), the passion and drive brought Honestea to life..

Tea is loved by almost 90% of the world’s population! Nothing can go wrong with a cup of tea. The taste and flavour profiles of the different kinds of teas available are just absolutely bountiful.

The Founder

and CEO of Honestea & Co.
The lady that wears all hats - Sarah Sharin, has been in love with Digital Graphics and Websites since her young days. She graduated with a diploma in Business Secretarial, which she did not use even after working. She got her very first gig as the young 19-year-old web and graphic designer with Malaysiakini.

Young and fresh, she then worked with other significant and more prominent companies. But even with over 20 years in the industry, the satisfaction whilst working for others did not drive her to be the best at what she loves.

"I've always loved creating something beautiful and pleasing to the eye and using my graphics to evoke feelings in people. But I can never draw; even my stickman drawing isn't up to anyone's expectations."

Fast forward two years later, and with 2 of her favourite things in hand - her graphics and her love for tea are what brought Honestea to life! The dream became surreal with help and push from a very old colleague and close friends.

"Building a brand is never easy. But I try to instil the Premium Look for most of our teas. Packaging is the key factor that brings a customer to purchase your product. The sense of "Wow, this is beautiful, I must have this!" must be the first reaction when someone purchases a product. But having the outside be pretty is not sufficient; the product must be as Premium as the packaging is.”
We will always first and foremost be a woman owned business.
There is also an incredible amount of love that goes out into packaging and delivering each and every order placed.

Much love and appreciation for art Honestea & Co. have deeply incorporated my first love for art into our products. Every aspect of our packaging down to the paper tags, thank you cards, packaging serves as a canvas for artistic expression.

Our Packaging
We are on the quest to use only eco friendly packaging. Why? Because environment protection matters to the customers. More and more consumers are nowadays looking for responsible businesses and products. We just simply can’t afford to ignore. Our tea leaves are packed in certified plant based material which is 100% compostable and plastic-free. Up to 70% carbon footprint reduction vs. commonly used petro-based plastic.

We want to provide the best in terms of B2C Online Shopping. We would do so at no expense spared.

Our Vision

Only providing the Creme de la Creme of products for our customers.


Be able to buy Premium teas at affordable prices.

Returning Customers

Premium products that customers return for more.