Our Motto - Taste the Love in Every Sip!

Organic teas crafted for you with 100% Halal & Muslim friendly ingredients. Imported premium teas to not miss out for the tea enthusiast.

A credible brand by Honestea (M) Sdn Bhd, Honestea & Co. began its journey in early 2019 as a side business. Initially, we specialized in loose team leaves especially imported from China, Japan and other International countries. With our careful attitude, dedication, and expertise, we produced treasures of organic tea.

Our Vision

We aim to become a lifestyle brand promoting tea as a “way of life” with zero boundaries. Be it any age, social, race, or gender, we cater to tea enthusiasts, importing only genuine, organic, premium, imported and 100% halal & muslim friendly products.

Our Mission

At Honestea & Co., we see tea as one of the nature’s treasures, not as a mass-produced commodity. Our idea is to pass on our love for this natural product and instill the feeling of living a fulfilling life with a balance of wellness.

It All Began with the Love for Tea - Behind Our Honest Brand

Tea, an Oldest Beverage and 2nd Most Popular Drink Recognized Globally. Being one of the most loved drink all over the world, people spend over US$214.761 million on tea yearly. People who drink this beverage are in luck as research suggests that greatest health benefits come from tea with less oxidation, protecting drinkers against a wide variety of cancers.

Being honest, we wanted to keep our business genuine, original, organic, halal and of premium quality. That’s exactly why, we named it Honestea (Ho.nes.ty). One of the strongest attractions is the sincerity of the founder behind our brand. Her love and passion for tea as a whole brought together Honestea. Experimenting and exploring new things in the manufacturing and import process was one of the major factors that led us through and has now brought us among one of the most loved tea and matcha brands.

We believe that you deserve tea that delivers more. A sip with more organic and halal ingredients, more flavour, and even transparency of premium quality tea leaves. Our founder who has been a tea connoisseur since a very young age ensured that Honestea's custom blends, expertly crafts and rigorously tests the tea. Being loved by almost 90% of the people, we ensure bringing teas that taste inspire, taste delicious, bring comfort, nostalgia and hope among tea lovers.