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Organic Red Rose Dried Flower Buds 60gm

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Relax your body and mind by adding a rose dose to your day. The Red Rose Flower Buds are grown from the snow mountains of Yunnan. The red roses of Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang Province, are watered by the snow water. The unique cultivated environment reduces bitterness in taste, makes it more mellow, and spreads lingering fragrances. These Red Rose Flower Buds are recognized among flowers as the King of Vitamin C.

Yunnan Red Rose Flower Buds

Nutrition Info:
- Boost your Skin's Health
- Relaxes the mind and relieves stress
- Blood circulation is improved
- It has a wonderful fragrance and a delicious aftertaste

How to brew/drink it:
1. Make a cup of tea with 3-4 rosebuds, depending upon the strength of flavour you want, you can add or reduce the buds.
2. Pour into a teapot or mug (250-300ml). 
3. Pour 80°C water that has been boiled. 
4. After around 2-3 minutes of steeping, it's ready to consume.
5. Store Tea buds in a dry place, at room temperature, and out of direct sunlight.

Packaging Includes:
A pull-off tab comes with the packaging for extra freshness as no moisture enters and makes sure the flowers are dried all the time.


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