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Year 2015 Shou Mei Teacake (White Tea)

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Origin: China, Fujian 
Year: 2015
Weight: 383g 
Tea Variety: White Tea 
Fragrance: Refreshing aroma, mellow and pleasant 
Taste: Full-bodied and smooth
Storage Time: The longer, the better

Shou Mei means "Old Man's Eyebrow" in Chinese and is a unique white tea produced in Fujian Province. This tea is famous for its medicinal benefits, such as improving the immune system, skin complexion, and mildly detoxing. Compressed in cake form, Shou Mei is the right candidate for ageing: the tea taste will become sweeter, and the medicinal benefits will be more intense over time.


Brewing Method 

1) Cut & break the teacake into a few pieces (about 5-7g) from the cake, placing them into a teapot or cup. 
2) Wash & rinse the teacake pieces with warm water for hygiene purposes. 
3) Remove the water after rinsing, and you may pour hot water into your teapot or cup. (This is to warm your vessel). 
4) You may then pour boiling water over tea leaves and let it settle down for 3-5 minutes. Your beverage is then ready to be consumed. 
5) You may continue to add hot water as the beverage becomes cooler. Enjoy your tea moments.




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