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Uji Kyoto Matcha Powder 40gm

Uji Kyoto Matcha Powder 40gm

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Introducing our exquisite Japan Uji Matcha Powder, a sublime blend crafted for discerning tea connoisseurs seeking an authentic and captivating experience. Sourced from the revered Uji region of Japan, renowned for its pristine tea gardens, this matcha powder encapsulates the essence of centuries-old traditions and meticulous craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant green hue that is characteristic of premium-grade matcha. Each batch is carefully stone-ground to achieve a velvety-smooth texture that effortlessly dissolves into a rich, frothy elixir. Our Japan Uji Matcha Powder exudes a captivating aroma, a harmonious symphony of earthy notes and delicate sweetness, enticing your senses from the first sip.

Uncompromising in quality, our matcha powder is harvested from shade-grown tea leaves, a labour-intensive process that enhances the tea's distinct flavour profile. With its umami depth and invigorating energy, this matcha is perfect for those seeking a revitalizing moment or an inspired addition to their culinary creations.

Indulge in the myriad of health benefits that matcha is renowned for. Packed with potent antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, our Japan Uji Matcha Powder provides a nourishing boost to your well-being. Savour the natural detoxifying properties and the gentle, focused energy that invigorates both body and mind.

Whether enjoyed as a traditional ceremonial tea, in lattes, smoothies, or delectable desserts, our Japan Uji Matcha Powder elevates any occasion. Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions of Japan and relish the art of tea-making with every sip. It's time to embark on a journey of taste and tranquillity with our exquisite Japan Uji Matcha Powder.

Uji Matcha

  • Beverage / Cafe Grade
  • Light Green in Color (Slightly better than Shizuoka Matcha)
  • Milder taste
  • Slightly low in terms of Bitterness
  • From Uji, Kyoto Japan Tea Plant
  • Good Aroma & Sweetness
  • Good for Baking, Ice Cream & Food Garnishing
  • Good for Matcha Lattes
  • Good for daily consumption as tea (If you prefer thin matcha tea) 

Taste: Smooth, Bold, Strong green tea taste
Origin: Uji, Kyoto, Japan Tea Plant
Grade: Beverage / Cafe Grade
Ingredients: Stone Grounded Tencha Tea Leaves - No Sugar Added! Pure Tea Leaves Powder!
Packaging: 40g. Packed in a tin canister.
Storage: To be kept in the refrigerator after opening and away from direct sunlight


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