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Traditional Ceremonial Matcha 5 Piece Whisking Gift Set

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The best traditional ceremonial Matcha kit! It includes all the accessories that you will need to make delicious matcha and perform the meditative Zen practice of the Japanese Tea ceremony.

The traditional set consists of five (5) pieces of utensils:
1x Ceramic Matcha Bowl (Chawan)
1x Traditional Bamboo Scoop (Chashaku)
1x Traditional Bamboo Whisk (Chasen)
1x Ceramic Whisk Holder
1x Stainless Steel Sift

🍵 BAMBOO WHISK (Chasen) and BAMBOO TEA SCOOP (Chashaku) are both 100% handmade from natural bamboo.

🍵 MATCHA BOWL (Chawan) are all individually handmade, making each matcha bowls its unique style. Made of durable ceramic and heavy in terms of weight it will withstand your whisking of the matcha.

🍵 MATCHA WISHK STAND (Holder) is made of exquisite ceramic, and the unique umbrella shape protects the shape and integrity of the bamboo matcha whisk while allowing it to air dry.

🍵 MATCHA STAINLESS STEEL SIFT (Suitable Mesh for Matcha) is made out of stainless steel mesh and is the perfect mesh to remove all the lumps in your matcha powder.

It is the perfect gift or tool for Matcha lovers, a beautiful and functional gift that will impress everyone! The ideal authentic tea tool for achieving a light froth!

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