Premium Keemun Black Tea

Keemun black tea is one of China's Ten Most Famous Teas and a stunning tea....

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Keemun black tea is one of China's Ten Most Famous Teas and a stunning tea. It is also known as Keemun Gongfu or Qimen Gongfu, depending on the dialect. Keemun black teas are known for their aromatic fragrance, mellow flavour, beautiful aesthetic value, and brilliant red liquor the brewed tea leaves produce. Also highly regarded as a top-quality black tea worldwide, especially in the British market, Keemun is considered a delicacy and classified as a "tea hero" and is touted for being delicious and having a China aroma of spring rain.

👉 Attributes of Keemun Black Tea
If the Keemun Black Tea is properly brewed, it will produce a clear, brilliant red colour in your cup and have a slightly floral, slightly smoky exotic aroma. A brewed Keemun's flavour is uniquely delectable and very mellow, smooth, and has many subtle flavour nuances throughout the cup. You can re-brew Keemun leaves several times to extract the full flavour from the leaves.

👉 The Health Benefits of Keemun Black Tea
As Keemun tea is a black tea, a fully fermented tea, it, unfortunately, does not contain as many antioxidants as green or white tea. However, black teas such as Keemun have many other benefits due to the caffeine and other chemical components of black tea, such as energizing, enhancing your memory, and eliminating fatigue. Keemun tea and many other black teas can be very beneficial to the human body.

👉 How to Brew Keemun Black Tea
Brewing the Keemun Black Tea is essential to create a delicious and ideal cup of tea and prevent you from brewing the tea incorrectly, creating a bitter and undrinkable brew. To properly brew Keemun, add 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves to 8 ounces of purified or spring water. You can add more or fewer leaves to achieve the flavour you enjoy the best. Brew it in 194F (90C) water and steep for 2 to 5 minutes.

Taste: Aromatic fragrance, mellow flavours, as well as the brilliant red liquor
Origin: Huangshan, Anhui, China
Ingredients: Pure Keemun Black Tea Leaves
Packaging: 100g Packed in Re-sealable Zip Lock Bag
Storage: To be kept in a dry cupboard away from direct sunlight

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